Short Term Cash Solution in Irving Texas

Title Loans Texas Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

1. What Is A Car Title Loan?

  • A car title loan is also known as auto title loan. It is a form of cash advance where you are provided with cash against the title of your car. Usually, it is used to cater for short-term financial obligations. These include delayed payments, uncleared checks, emergencies and much more.

2. How Different Is Your Auto Title Loan?

  • Our loan issued against the title of your automobile differs from the rest in many ways. First; you get to keep the car. Second; the application process is quite simple hence takes a few minutes. Third; the approval is done within a short time thus you can access the cash overnight.

3. How Do I Qualify For One?

  • To qualify for the loan, you first must have a car with a clean title. The amount you apply for will depend on the value of your car as well as your personal needs. Since the amount will vary from one person to another, you should visit our website or talk to one of our representatives.

4. Do I Need To Be Employed?

  • NO, you don’t have to be employed. As a matter of fact, we have provided the cash advances to quite a number of people. All you need to do is prove you are able to repay the loan, have a car, and simply fill the loan application form.

5. What Happens If My Credit Is Poor?

  • Unlike other loan providers, we have a tailor-made package for people with bad credit repayment history. We will advance the cash to you regardless of your credit check. The car’s title will act as security. Call us today to find out how much you can get.

6. Do I deliver The Car to You?

  • No, you don’t have to deliver the car to us. You will continue to use the car to run your errands while servicing the loan. This ensures that you still continue to experience the comfort and convenience you are used to.

7. How Do I Make An Application?

  • To make an application, simply visit our website and fill out the form at the right hand side. It will only take you a few minutes. For more information about the application process, you may also visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

8. What Is The Time Taken To Approve The Loan?

  • We pride ourselves in having very quick approval time. You may have the loan approved within minutes. Quick approval minimizes the anxiety that is experienced while waiting. This is made possible by having a team of experienced and dedicated staff members.

9. How long does it take to receive The Cash Advance?

  • After approval, the money will be deposited into your checking account within a short time. Normally, the amount will reflect into your checking account overnight. However, you will be surprised to have the money almost instantly.

10. Where Can I Get Assistance?

  • You may get the necessary help by visiting our page or talking to one of our representatives. Our ever-friendly customer service reps will not only listen and answer any of your queries but will also walk you through the whole process.